Many caring adults often want to help youth-led movements succeed, but are unsure of how best to offer their support. Connecting across generations is crucial to DUA’s long-term sustainability, allowing for two-way sharing of experience and wisdom between seasoned and new activists alike. In fact, many of today’s veteran activists, too, learned through intentional mentorship and apprenticeship.

We offer interested adults of all ages—but particularly those in their later years—the opportunity to volunteer as a mentor to one or more of our Fellows. Each of our Fellows will, over the next 1–4 years, design and execute a project


Adults who want to deeply involve themselves in 1–2 issue areas.

You must:

  • Be willing to check in with your Fellow(s) twice a month via video call or in-person meetings—schedule to be determined by you and your Fellow(s). Check-ins are specific to each project and Fellow, e.g. some Fellows may require more assistance in planning their projects, while others may need help running meetings.

You will:

  • Be paired with 1–2 Fellows (depending on your availability).

  • Be generally available as a resource to your assigned Fellows.

  • Check in with our team periodically.

  • Offer constructive criticism to our Fellows and our team.

To become a DUA Ally (or if you have questions), email with the subject line “Ally”.


Adults who want to contribute specific expertise as-necessary, regardless of a Fellow’s issue area.

You must:

  • Provide us with a list of specific skills (e.g. project management, communication, team management) as well as a CV to substantiate each.

You will:

  • Be occasionally available to answer questions pertaining to your area of expertise via email and / or phone call, schedule-permitting.

  • Check in with our team periodically.

To become a DUA Advisor (or if you have questions), email with the subject line “Advisor”.